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End of another calendar year – a time for reflection

As we approach Christmas and wind down for the celebrations and much earned time off, no doubt we will be thinking of the year ahead. February is one of the most popular months for strategic planning as a lead in to budgets and end of financial year. Over Christmas and new year you will probably […]

When is the right time to hire a CFO?

I am often asked this question by business owners what is the right time to hire a CFO?  Many of these businesses have been working closely with their external accountant and have simply grown to a stage where they need more support and their external accountant has reached the limits of their service offering. This […]

What is the true cost of a SaaS platform?

There are now many SaaS (Software as a Service) products out there that on face value seem really cost effective, but are they? What might start at a seemingly affordable $49 per month can grow to a much higher amount. How would you compare this monthly cost to a one-off, up-front cost of $20,000? Many […]

Are your profits at risk – unnecessarily?

A business is a lot like a leaking bucket, you fill it up with profits but as holes develop the profit can leak out. Retaining your profits for all your hard earned effort is about trying to predict how those holes could appear and then planning to avoid or minimise those situations. There will always […]

7 ways to make your business more profitable

When you have consistent revenue growth you have built a strong business, but revenue is only worthwhile if it is delivering profits. After all, that’s why you are doing it. So when you’ve reached that stage of your business lifecycle and have become accustomed to driving marketing and sales, how do you improve profit?

Is a part time CFO a cost effective solution ?

A vast range of skills are required to successfully grow a small-medium sized enterprise (SME). These include Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Operations, IT, HR and Finance. Employing full time staff in these roles could cost more than $1 million per annum – simply unaffordable for most SMEs – so how do you bring in those […]

A good business model – do you have a compelling story to tell ?

A good business model is the foundation on which a business succeeds yet many business owners begin their venture without a well thought through model that will provide them the best chance of success. Karan Girotra and Serguei Netessine wrote in Harvard Business Review (1) that a business model was essentially “a set of key […]

Are you surrounded with good people ?

The Christmas and New Year break is a time when we get together with our families and realise what’s important in life. We have opportunities for clear thinking and discussing life plans with people who are closest to us. Many of us will have a new outlook coming into the new year, feeling energised and […]

How do you ensure your staff are committed ?

Do you find that when you try to step away from your business and rely on your staff that they don’t seem to have the same level of commitment that you expect of yourself. That sales order that you would have made sure went out today goes out tomorrow because the staff member had to […]