Our Approach

We help businesses bring together people, processes and product to ensure they are scalable and profitable. We provide a roadmap so they can run a small to mid – size business effectively and scale a smaller business to a large business.

a) Early Stage Businesses

  • We help define your cashflow requirements
  • We provide financial expertise
  • We act as a sounding board to bounce your ideas

b) Growth Businesses

  • We set up the business structure to deliver products and services
  • We build and manage the finance team
  • We develop budgets and rolling forecasts

c) Advanced Growth Businesses

  • We develop your finance team into committed leaders
  • We build and monitor dashboards
  • We help evaluate potential growth opportunities

With a well executed plan now in place, the outsourced CFO can be retained longer term as your business partner to keep you on track and accountable.

When Brian came on Board as our Outsourced CFO, the business was struggling with its growing complexity and the need to fully understand the financial metrics, including cashflow needs 30-60-90 out.

Brian articulated himself wonderfully showing a good understanding not only of my business but also of my industry. The key benefit of having Brian on board was a deeper understanding of the important financial issues and knowing what to focus on and prioritise.

I would recommend Brian as a calm steady hand in any leadership team.

Tim Reading

CEO, Blue Ocean BPO