Your Challenges

Our clients come to us because they;

  • Want a business partner and sounding board to help them make the difficult decisions
  • Don’t always have the right financial information to minimise losses, keep stakeholders at bay and capitalise on opportunities
  • They already have a successful business, but want to get more out of it through growth so they can step back from the day to day activities
  • Have staff who don’t understand what they need to achieve and they’re not aligned to the organisational goals
  • Find it hard to meet annual budgets
Angelo Nacson

We were recommended to contact Brian from the outsourced CFO to see how he could help give clarity to some of the business options we where looking to implement. There were quite a few directions we could go with our business and we were uncertain as to the best options.

Brian provided comprehensive advice and guidance that gave us confidence to move on our decisions. Brian provided the voice of an independent business manager with a broad knowledge of business practices whom we were able to sound out our concerns and options with and choose the best course of action.

We would definitely recommend Brian from the outsourced CFO as he showed a genuine concern for our business, made himself familiar with our operations and goals, and participated in meetings and discussions with other advisors. We sincerely value the guidance and insight he brought to our deliberations. We really appreciate his support and look forward to working together in the future.

Angelo Nacson

Founder and CEO, RAW FM Radio Network