Why Us

Our team has extensive experience working in lead finance roles supporting GMs, MDs and Executive teams in both large and small publically listed and private entities dealing with all the issues faced by small business. We are well positioned to guide you through all the distractions which occur in the business environment every day because we have been there before.

We understand the people, processes and product required to run a small to mid-sized business effectively and how to scale a small business to a large business in a short amount of time.

When Brian and I joined JCurve Solutions, the business had recently made two acquisitions that had not been well integrated. We needed to align cultures, align goals, and develop systems to measure performance and report accurately to the market.

Brian introduced a Board and Management Reporting process that was clear, easy to follow with relevant metrics and performance indicators. JCurve Solutions was able to meet the forecasts we had reported to the market because of the clear cascading of targets throughout the organisation. With teams and individuals clear about what was expected, along with the introduction of a value-based culture, employee engagement improved dramatically and confidence returned, both internally and for our investors.

Brian was invaluable as a sounding board in gaining clarity around strategic options. Brian is able to translate strategic initiatives into meaningful financial models and financial reporting which leads to effective decision making.

Brian is a very supportive member of any team and will make a positive contribution to any organisation he works with. I would absolutely recommend Brian.

Stephen Canning

CEO, JCurve Solutions