Can you rely on your team to run your business ?

You feel you have built a successful business, have a good track record of sales and have been working in the business for several years. You have reached the point where you feel the business will fail if you don’t continue to be involved in the day to day activities, but are frustrated about the continued time commitment and you probably want a holiday.

This frustration is common with small business owners as they are confronted with the challenges of scaling their business for growth. Bringing People, Product and Process together is challenging when you have done it before, but often small businesses have not. Building a great team around efficient processes and a good product is what will get you to that next step.

Building a great team is an entirely new skill set when compared to developing a product or service and taking it to market that you are used to. Unless you have come from a larger business you may not have the experience of building successful teams. You look to the most senior people in your business, but find they are transactional and lack the necessary experience and people skills to help you build your strategy. You can’t afford to pay full time salaries to bring in the Executive skills required.

Many small to medium size businesses who are experiencing this “in-between” situation who want to grow are looking to outsourced solutions to fill the gap. This is where you engage the services of highly experienced executives on a part time basis for a fraction of the cost. This enables you to be surrounded by a strong team who offer a range of different experiences to assist in guiding you through the pitfalls towards building the right strategy.


How does your team stack up ?