Testimonial Three

We are a software company who had commenced business recently when we came to The outsourced CFO. The owners had built successful businesses in the past and were aware of the need for financial diligence from the get go. We discovered the outsourced CFO on line and got in touch with Brian.

Since coming on board, we have set up monthly review meetings where we go through a reporting pack that Brian prepares under a tight timeline working closely with our admin staff. With our expansion into UK and US markets, the monthly meetings have become a focal point for our Management Team in all locations to get together and review our performance with the proper financial data. Brian’s input is highly valued.

As a business, we are on a trajectory where one day we will require a full time CFO resource. However in the interim we are receiving all the same benefits from the outsourced CFO as the business grows. The outsourced CFO provides an excellent, cost effective solution for any business of our size and stage of growth.

Stuart Plane

Director, MatrixIDM